Alan Smith, F&B Manager

Why was scanOpenLabel™ created?

I am F&B Manager of a famous 5 star resort in California. Consumers want an increasing amount of information about the beverages they drink, household, pet care and personal care products, and scanOpenLabel™ makes it easier than ever for our customers to find information about products they use and consume. There just isn’t enough room on packages to fit all that information. scanOpenLabel™ complements the way we shop today and enables us to get all the information we want and need to know about what we are are purchasing – when we want to know it.

Thank you UNC Holding for this great initiative! There is a reason why you are market leader.

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Olga Franklin, Purchasing Director

UNC is responsible for scanOpenLabel™ information.

The UNC Holding LLC is responsible for its own product information. All information found using scanOpenLabel™, we call it sOL, is bound by the same accuracy requirements as if it were printed on a package or label. With scanOpenLabel™ professionals, as myself being Purchasing Director of ITL Beverages and Spirits, and our customers, are getting a maximum of product and iongredients information out of first hand.

Our clients, restaurants and bars appretiate it very, very much having access on the "fingertip" to preparation instructions and the list of ingredients.

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Nina Kromstain, Boston Bar Owner

Great view of the Strip here in Las Vegas.

Mixologist/bartender mixes awesome Cocktails (recommend Long Island Iced Tea, and there's a Bellini), all fresh prepared with the most imazing ingredients called CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks, a huge WOW. Its a beverage PostMix concept created for professionals with financial math in their head! With Cordials you are preparing the most delicious and natural Cocktails & Longdrinks and best of it, you are printing the dollar bills with each serving!

I never ever before had such great drinks and I am managing my own bar in Boston, MS. A reason to give my testimonial and a 5 star personal award! Had the oportunity scanning this unique sOL (scanOpenLabel), an QR code an the backlabel and boom, found the most transparent product and ingredients portal ever! What a great product CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks and what great initiative of UNC Holding LLC.

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