scanOpenLabel™ (sOL)

scanOpenLabel™ (sOL)

The scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) a new initiative of UNC Holding to give hospitality buyers and their consumers easy access to detailed products ingredients information.


An innovative scanOpenLabel™ technology initiative started today by UNC Holding LLC enables hospitality buyers and their consumers to have easy and instantaneous access to detailed information about all products of the UNC Holding LLC product portfolio. With the initiative UNC Holding LLC commits to taking its responsibility in product transparency.

This transformative new program, created by UNC Holding LLC, enables consumers to get additional details about products by scanning a bar code or doing an online search to reach the scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) landing webpage with information on ingredients and other attributes of UNC´s beverage.  scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) will provide consumers at the touch of finger all the information they want to know about what they are purchasing and consuming. It is designed so that consumers can easily have access to a wide variety of information but can hone in on a question they have on an ingredient or product in just one or two clicks.  

“People want more information and are asking more questions about products they buy, use and consume, and scanOpenLabel™ puts detailed information right at their fingertips,” said Uwe Rusch, President & CEO of UNC Holding LLC. “scanOpenLabel™ is a modern technology that will change how the hospitality industry purchases and their consumers select their drinks and will help them get answers to questions they have on the products they purchase when they want that information.”

scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) makes it easier than ever for buyers and consumers to find information about products they use and consume. scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) will be available on an array of UNC Holding LLC  beverage products with information on numerous of attributes coveringmany  of products, including nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, third-party certifications, social compliance programs, usage instructions, advisories and safe handling instructions and company & brand information, along with other pertinent information about the product.

A recent survey by Benenson Strategy Group found that 75 percent of consumers said they would be likely to use technologies like scanOpenLabe™ (sOL), showing that such programs will meet a consumer desire for more product information.

How scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) Works

Each individual product in scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) will have a specific landing page containing detailed information on ingredients and other product attributes. All scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) landing pages are organized in a similar format, with a consistent look across products, whether the consumer is looking at a Long Island Iced Tea or a Pisco Colada or any 3rd. party product commercialized by UNC Holding LLC. 

Hospitality buyers and their consumers will be able to find this detailed product information in several ways: by scanning a QR code on the label, using a web search such as through Google, Yahoo or Bing, going to the UNC Holding web sites;,, and importers and distributors web sites, or eventually through an app.

Information through scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) will be available instantaneously whether a hospitality buyer is in the office, warehouse, beside his consumer using a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. The information can be accessed everywhere, in cities, suburbs and rural areas. 

"People's relationship with beverages they consume has changed dramatically and consumers now want to know more about their beverages, such as where it came from and what went into making it,” said Elizabeth Carter, who is Marketing Manager of UNC Holding LLC. “scanOpenLabel™ creates a way for the hospitality industry and their consumers to get unprecedented access to information about what is in their beverages.  This is what real product transparency is about."

scanOpenLabel™ (sOL) - UNC Product Transperancy

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