Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks beverage concept?

CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® is a Trademark for a large portfolio Premium Quality Cocktail & Longdrink bases for the hospitality industry. All bases are 100% natural and no preservatives have been added. With the bases + mixers e. g. Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Soda Water or Cola + ice cubes you are preparing high quality classic Cocktails & Longdrinks.

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Q. What are the advantages for the hospitality operation using CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks?

Total inventory management

  1. no product spillage
  2. no product theft
  3. hidden tips for higher alcohol drink percentage

High control of inventory costs/ investment

  1. noticeable decreasing inventory investment
    1. no expensive brand spirits are needed to purchase and to store
    2. no spoiling raw materials are needed, e.g. creamsRelated Keywords:cordials  cocktails  faq  

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Q. What kind of mixers should be used?

Mixers used with CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® products

  1. Orange Juice
  2. Pineapple Juice
  3. Soda
  4. Cola

New CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® products will be launched using other Juice types e.g. Cranberry Juice and others.

  1. NEVER use Juices which contain Calcium. Calcium destroys fruit acids and kills the fresh fruit taste in the Cocktail & Longdrink!
  2. Always use 100% natural processed Juices
  3. Fresh squeezed Juices are good but not economical, consuming your revenues as fresh fruits are expensive
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Q. How to store CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® products?

Store the bottles within room temperature.

In warehoses we recommend storage conditition bewteen:

  • metric: +5°C and +28°C
  • imperial: +41°F and 83°F

Once the bottle is opened make sure the bottle content cannot be contaminated and do not store in a refrigerator. At room temperature is the best.

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Q. What is the shelf life?

Shelf life depends on the storage and handling conditions. If the products are handled according to the handling & storage instructiones the following table applies.

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Q. Can kids & drivers drink CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® non-alcoholic products?

All non-alcoholic CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® products are iindeed alcohol-free.

Kids, people under medication, escept diabetics, people who fight alcoholism and drivers can consume the non-alcoholic CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks®  without any concern. 

It must be considered that all products contain sugar made from sugar cane and diabetics should consult their physician whether they are allowed to drink or not.

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Q. Why do we not use PVC Closures?

All CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® products are natural.

We are not using PVC closure e.g. Guala closures or others.  PVC (Polyvenyl Cloride) closures are made of synthetic polymeres. We believe that PVC could negatively affect our beverages.

We use aluminium closure to pretect the natural liquids inside the glass container.

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