We abide by our core values:

We treat each other with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences. We communicate frequently and with candor, engaging in healthy debate and listening to each other, regardless of position or level. We work hard to create an environment that respects individuals in an atmosphere of open communication, growth, and learning. We believe innovation and a spirit of continuous improvement are engines that keep us relevant, vital, and growing. Our culture embraces creativity and seeks different perspectives. We behave like owners of a “business,” managing risks and identifying new opportunities in serving members and advancing the profession.

We are responsible, so we:

  • Prioritise Health and Safety
  • Respect the environment
  • Support our local community
  • Are open and honest
  • Act with Integrity
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We are market driven, so we aim to:

  • Exceed consumer and customer quality requirements
  • Achieve preferred supplier status
  • Enable innovation in the marketplace
  • Enhance business performance through technology
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