Fruits And Veggies May Be The Key To Happiness

by Elizabeth Carter

We are all aware that eating fruits and vegetables can make us healthier, but what about happier? A new study has found evidence to suggest that increasing one's daily fruit and vegetable consumption can have a direct, positive effect on their overall mood. The team hopes the new findings may be enough to help motivate picky eaters to add more green to their diets. The team adjusted the data for issues that could affect life satisfaction, such as changes in income and personal circumstances. As part of the survey, volunteers were asked to document their weekly fruit and vegetable consumption and their overall life satisfaction.

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Natural Food Colors

by Lynn A. Kuntz

Every food designer knows that consumers judge a product not only on its flavor, but on its appearance as well. One important class of ingredients exists solely to enhance the appearance of what we eat: food colors. In recent years, product designers have been asked to formulate using so-called natural colors with increasing frequency. This presents a set of challenges that is totally different to those presented when using certified colors. As any artist would say, it's primarily a matter of understanding the palette and correctly applying the colors.

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CORDIALS - Product Development

We. Develop. Beverage. Concepts.

We develop innovative beverage concepts for the hospitality industry. Cocktails, Longdrinks, Teas, Liqueurs, Vodkas... if you can drink it, we can make it. And we're really good at it! UNC Holding LLC has the expertise and technology to make superior and highly innovative drink concepts and the outstanding service to support our customers every step of the way, from our lab to the cunsomers mouth.

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