Virgin Bellini

The non-alcoholic Cocktail combines the extraordinary taste of fresh peaches and non-alcoholic French White Wine. According to the scene this Cocktail was created in the 1950´s when tough youngster couldn't manage anymore their Cadillac or Plymouth and when their girls dressed up in Petty Coats and Rock´n Roll dancing shoes took over the steering gear.

The French owner of a Bar in North Carolina´s Raleigh purportedly created the Peach Dream 1956 pleasing beauty young girls tongues and having them a save drive home.

Original Recipe   CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks®

2 oz Peach Syrup
1 oz Sugar Syrup
2 oz Non-alcoholic Chardonnay White Wine
Orange Juice


1 Liter/ 33.82 f.OZ (US)
0% Alc. Vol. per Cocktail
Amount of Alcohol from Base 0% Alc. Vol.
50 - 100 servings per bottle

Ratio   Mixer

1:10 (1 part of CORDIALS + 10 parts of mixer)

Imperial: 0.7 f.OZ. CORDIALS + 6.8 f.OZ. mixer
Metric: 2 cl CORDIALS + 20 cl mixer


Orange Juice, 100% natural, processed juice without calcium


Preparation Instruction   Ingredients

Shake well with Ice and strain into a Glass filled with fresh Ice Cubes, garnish with fresh Fruit and serve



Cane Sugar
Citirc Acid
Natural Peach Aroma
Natural White Wine Aroma Type "Chardonney"
Natural Yellow Color made from Fruits and Vegetables

No artificial Aromas or Colors
No Preservatives added

Handling & Storage Condition   Shelf Life

Imperial: +41°F to +83°F
Metric: +5°C to +28°C

Do not expose to UV-light
Do not store in reforgerator

Original sealed: up to 3 Years
Opened: up to 1 Year

Colors are natural ingredients and can oxidize. Oxidation is not harming just flattening the color intensity inside the bottle. This is not influencing the quality of the Cocktails

Note   Note

0% Alc. Vol. per Serving

Alcohol Content (Vol.) of finished Product 0%
Amount of Alcohol (Vol.) per Base 0%



Concentrated Product, not for direct Consumption
Shake Bottle before using
Settling is natural
Best Before and Serial Number on lower Bottle Rim

Manufacturer   Contact

American Spirits S.A.C.
San José, Costa Rica


Phone: +1 (239) 214 8290
Fax: +1 (954)204 0585




CORDIALS Cocktails | Virgin Bellini 0% Alc. Vol.

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