Natural Beverage Colors

CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® products are made with proven reliable natural colors, bringing best natural colors into your Cocktails & Longdrinks. The natural colors are made of fruits and vegetables.

They are all from plant origins, Kosher certified and many of them are organic compliant. When we are formulating beverages, it’s important for us to consider that color not only contributes to product attractiveness, but can influence consumers’ purchasing decisions as they scan the aisles for products with “clean labels” and more “natural” ingredients.

The variety of our clean label beverages have resulted from recent advances in natural colours.

Orange, Red Orange, Red and Yelloware the top colours in our CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® launches. In recent months we have proportionately increased requests to other colouring like Green and Blue.

Heat and Light Stability

Our supplier understand our requirements - including packaging, shelf life, acidity, and Vitamin + mineral addition - our Scientists formulate the optimum colour solution for our packaging (UV light transmission) and heat processing conditions.

Critical stability factors with certain naturally derived colourings include light and pH of the beverage. The packaging choice can greatly protect the colourant if using the right packaging

pH Level

Another critical stability factor in working with naturally derived colouring is the pH of the beverage system. The same colouring may show one hue in a neutral system and another hue in an acidic system. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) can either help or hinder stability, depending on the colouring.

We at UNC Holding LLC are 100% committed to natural colors!

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