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The CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® product portfolio includes a batch of non-alcoholic, all natural, classic kid-friendly Cocktails. Browse our product portfolio for your favorite kids drink.

How non-alcoholic Beverages can increase sales!

Stop for a moment and think about the bar in your restaurant. You most likely have set up a tremendous display with it. In many cases it will be the focal point of your restaurant. How many bottles do you think you have behind the bar? How many drink options do you think they provide you? Then you can start thinking of the beers you offer. Estimate how many wines you have by the bottle. You probably even have a drink menu that gives your guests options that no one else has. The variety you provide to your guests is virtually limitless. Now how many non-alcoholic drink options do you have that your guest cannot find at every other restaurant in the area?

Restaurants will invest tens of thousands of dollars into their bar inventory and cocktail development. They often overlook the basic principle that unless you are a bar, most of your guests are not drinking during their meal. The majority of the industry has failed to capitalize on the opportunity to provide guests that do not drink alcohol an option beyond coffee, tea, and soda. This is a market segment that very few companies are trying to reach and the single largest untapped group of consumers that your restaurant can reach. A smart restaurant company looking to set themselves apart from their competitors will read the following explanation very closely.

One of the biggest consequences of the decision to stop drinking alcohol is loosing a majority of beverage options. Many people are am not a fan of tea and a stomach can only handle so much juice. This lead to drinking water disproportionately at restaurants. It is not that people prefer to drink water, but there are not offered many alternatives. When you ask my server what non-alcoholic options they have beyond coffee, tea, and soda, poeple are often told about virgin strawberry daiquiris.

Non-alcoholic beverages are not just for kids. Npn-alcoholic Cocktails are an interesting and profitable beverage alternative. It should also be mentioned that restaurant visitors are usually not alone. The guest that does not drink alcohol is often the one driving. This gives them disproportionate influence over which bar their passengers are drinking at. Offering a good non-alcoholic selection will actually drive the sales of alcoholic drinks as well.

There are a huge number of “adult sodas” available in bottles. These drinks are more subtly flavored than what comes out of your soda machine and will demand a premium price. Guests that seek out these beverages will gladly pay the premium and return the next time they have craving. This is one more product you can provide that few of your competitors can compete with.

CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® offers a solution with its non-alcoholic Premium Quaity Cocktail protfolio, all classic Cocktails.

Offering these non-alcoholic Cocktails does require a commitment. Smart restaurants need to add them to their menu and set a par level. This is not something customers can forget to order. When restaurants have guests that seek out these non-alcoholic Cocktails, they need to have them in stock. Making this commitment will earn you a clientele that no other restaurant in the area is actively marketing towards. They will come for the drinks and stay for the food.

Creating a non-alcoholic beverage program with CORIDALS V.I.P. Drinks®  does not take time. The investment of selecting the Cocktails and designing a sales program will yield high dividends and create loyal customers. This can quickly become one of the most profitable areas on the restaurants menu if they make the commitment. Offering these alternatives will expand their menu and offer one more reason why guests will be choosing them over the competition. Earning frequent guests and greater profits makes this time well spent.

Get your non-alcoholic CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® portfolio today!

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