Healthy beverages for healthy life

CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks® products are packed full of natural ingredients. We manufacture truly "natural".

Lots of people are already familiar with the advantages of consuming beverages made of natural ingredients.

Our international Registered Trademark CORDIALS Drinks V.I.P.® is a unique beverage concept currently consisting of 5 non alcoholic and 23 alcoholic Premium Quality & Natural Cocktails & Long Drinks.

"God made only water, but we made CORDIALS V.I.P. Drinks®"

We are is the most unique developer and manufacturer of Premium Quality non-alcoholic and alcoholic Cocktail & Long Drink products for the hospitality industry in the United States of America & abroad. With locations in USA, Costa Rica, Peru and Germany we are proud to serve the international hospitality industry; Hotel, Restaurants, Institutions, Bars, Casinos, Curise Ships, Catering and many places where people drink Cocktails & Long Drinks.

CORDIALS Cocktails | Healthy Beverages

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